The video game for practicing foreign languages




SPEAKiPLAY fulfills a need for people having at least a basic or pre-school knowledge of a language, i.e. a 20-hour minimum of traditional teaching, and wanting to acquire natural conversation ability. No stress, just fun.


Its level complies with A1.1 to B2 European norms: from false beginners to vantage.


Without speaking a language, it is not possible to dialog with ease when the opportunity occurs.


SPEAKiPLAY offers an innovative path through oral practice and virtual immersion. As a virtual foreign language stay, SPEAKiPLAY implements long-term memory by just playing a 20-minute episode.



The format is that of a 12 episodes serial and 3 levels with a new adventure with each game, thus having the student/gamer playing and thinking directly in a language in order to set off the automatisms for making up sentences.


The player practices and learns a foreign language the same way we have learned our native language - no grammar, no lesson, no translation –


SPEAKiPLAY is mostly designed for European languages. The first serial lets you practice French, English, Hispanic, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian – Cultural adaptations to Chinese and Japanese.


SPEAKiPLAY is a complement to traditional pedagogy, that of practicing.




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