The video game for practicing foreign languages


Frédéric L. Naville, CEO – 30 years international experience in both personal and professional environment - concept, screenplay, dialogs and adaptation

MBA University of Hartford (CT) – USA -

10 years as a consultant for development NGOs. Sales Managing Director in a serious games start-up - Sophia Antipolis – 2000

Languages: French, English, Russian, German, and Chinese.


Marie Prat, Sales Manager - e-learning consultant France and international - Business School - Graduate in Economic Sciences – DESS Hypermedia - Author of e-learning books – ENI Editions - Former Vice-President of CINOV-IT – Paris – Teacher ICT/EICT - PROFILE


Claire Le Rhun, Lead Illustrator – Characters and Interfaces - Fine Arts School of Troyes - Design and Communication Graduate






A creative and sales team

Having strong creative and sales competencies, we keep our focus on our expertise while we develop partnerships with companies and universities for technical issues.









In order to implement this concept, SPEAKiPLAY goes along with both:


  1. Internal competencies, linguistic, artistic and creative, for story boarding, drawing and game designing according to clients' requirements.
  2. External competencies, technological, in order to integrate vocal recognition, any specific interactivity in 2D or 3D, and representation formats to suit all vectors.

We design specific virtual universes complying with the requests for training.


Along with this approach, we have the skills to design any virtual training solution having in mind both, a dedicated design and a pedagogical objective, along with playful approach.



























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